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Recently we launched our new website with GoDaddy ( I hope you found it easy to navigate. On the homepage, you will experience a different aviation photograph with each launch of Aviation Human Factors Industry News.  

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Dedicated To Reducing Human Error

Our goal is to influence positive attitudes and behaviors towards following approved written policies and procedures. To thoroughly know the seductive nature of the Proud Members of the Dirty Dozen and have effective mitigation strategies to overcome their affect. To stimulate the human factors discussion whereby a safe and professional culture is strengthened and celebrated. 


Aviation Human Factors Industry News

Our publication is focused on serving the aviation community worldwide in their pursuit in reducing incidents and accidents caused by human error.  Our newsletter is designed to be shared and internalized at crew meetings, crew break rooms, educational institutions, government agencies and human factors practitioners. The articles expose striking lessons learned from human error caused by the Proud Members of the Dirty Dozen. 


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